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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Air Miles Rewards Redemption Problems?

Kawartha Lakes Families Having Air Miles Redemption Problems? You Are Not Alone!

Many Kawartha Lakes families collect Air Miles through purchases at local retailers and online,  saving up their points for big ticket items like trips and TV's.
However, a rash of complaints about problems trying to redeem Air Miles has resulted in a Class Action law suit being launched against Air Miles.
Yes, it certainly is surprising!
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What kind of problems are people having?

CBC posted a variety of complaints.

Air Miles Rewards Redemption Problems

CBC news posted that Air Miles members were complaining:

  • Rewards disappeared when they reached the redemption level.
  • Incredible long waits on Air Miles phone line.
  • Cash rewards being refused.

A Calgary law firm is taking these complaints very seriously and has launched a Class Action Law Suit against Air Miles.

This may be a "tempest in a tea pot", as my grandmother used to say, but on the other hand, you may want to switch your online purchasing to a program that has a good reputation of paying out.
Our family is very happy with  Swagbucks online shopping program.
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We have  successfully cashed in SB points for over $200 in gift cards including: PayPal, Home Depot, Amazon and more.
They have a slew of options.
For tips on how to get gift cards without even doing any online shopping, see this latest Swagbucks post on Kawartha  Lakes Mums.

Share Your Air Miles  Experiences!

What are your experiences with Air Miles rewards?
We would like to let others know.
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Source: Air Miles Clients say Excuses don't add up -CBC

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