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Thursday, 24 November 2016

#AD 3 Quick Tips to De-Stress Christmas!

Kawartha Lakes Families Stress About Christmas?

Does the thought of another holiday season stress you out?
image Woman Tangled in Packing tape and bubble Wrap to Illustrate De-stress Christmas!
Kawartha Lakes Mums Says - De-stress Christmas!
It doesn't have to be that way...
Discover how you can still have fun during the Christmas season!
Yes, the holiday season is a busy time for all of us, however, if we can remember to take time to inject some fun while getting things done, we can enjoy the season so much more!
As the Christmas season approaches many of us feel overwhelmed thinking about all that needs to be done.
As if our lives weren't already busy enough, we've now got to mail out cards, shop, decorate, cook, go to parties, school activities etc.
It's no wonder we feel so stressed out and we don't seem to have much fun.
Isn't Christmas supposed to be a joyful time?
Aren't we supposed to have time to spend with our loved ones?
Unfortunately, instead we feel run ragged and our only thought is,
"I'll be glad when this holiday season is over with!"
What if there was a way you could manage to have a little fun during the holidays while still getting all the things on your list  done?
You know that old saying "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy"?
Well, here are a few tips to help you have some fun along the way.
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Have fun along the way?
How can you have fun along the way?

1. De-Stress Christmas by Delegating. The first thing you should remember is you don't have to do everything yourself. There are ways you can enlist the help of others without making them feel like they're working.

  • Guests - You may find many of your guests prefer to have something to do when they come for the holidays besides just sitting around watching TV. There are some things that even kids can help out with and have some fun in the process.
  • Gather the family around and brainstorm some decorating ideas.
  • A young driver with a new license is often glad to drive whenever they can, so if you have one in your household, take advantage of him or her, and let them run some errands for you. No young driver in your family? Try the next door neighbour.Many young drivers are happy to have the gas money!
  • Many young people today have become couch potatoes due to TV and video games, get them up off the couch and let them pitch in and lend you a hand!

2.Include Family Fun on Your List. When making your list of things to do,  be sure to include some fun activities that include family and friends. Remember sharing and companionship is what the Christmas season is all about, so allow yourself an opportunity to spend some quality fun time with those who matter the most to you.

3. Don't Reinvent the Wheel. There's no need to feel embarrassed in taking some good advice from other sources, because no one knows everything. We keep learning new things all our lives.

Christmas Fun: Games and Activities for Everyone is a handy eBook with tonnes of great ideas to help make your Christmas more fun.
image Christmas Fun: Games and Activities for Everyone ebook Cover featuring a Teddy Bear under a Christmas Tree
Christmas Fun: Games and Activities for Everyone ebook

Just imagine having the information you need to help guide you in the right direction when dealing with the holiday hustle and bustle, right at your fingertips! No searching all over the internet or library for information, it's all right here in this handy little guide.
 Just take a look at some of what's covered in this ebook.

  • Games for the Christmas Holiday.
  • Homemade tree decorations.
  • Fun games for Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas games for the little ones.
  • Fun games for Adults.
  • Fun with a tree trimming party.
  • Classroom gift exchange games.
  • Christmas fun at the office.

If you've been looking for something that can give you some good tips on how to make the holidays less stressful and more enjoyable then you'll want to have this handy ebook at your finger tips!

If you're looking for some helpful tips and suggestions then look no further!
Order your Christmas Fun: Games and Activities for Everyone ebook here now.

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