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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kawartha Lakes Adult Webcam Sites Texting Our Kids?

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Police Remind Parents : Monitor Electronics!

How can parents monitor children's electronic usage when so much of their electronic use happens away from home? A young local boy received a surprising text recently on his Apple iPod from an Adult webcam site. How the parents found out about this-is not stated. With increased use of cell phones, iPods, and even public computers that lack filters, how can parents protect their children from luring,  or dangerous predators?
Here is the alert  released by Kawartha Lakes Police on Twitter:

Kawartha Lakes Police Reminder To Monitor Your Children's Electronics

image Kawartha Lakes Police Shield
March 25 at 10:40am, an officer responded to a Sussex Street residence after a parent reported their 11 year old son had received an inappropriate text message on an Apple Ipod. The officer was able to determine that the message originated from a webcam service whose intent was to solicit adult males to subscribe to their service.
As the investigation continues, police urge parents to monitor their children's internet activity and electronics.

How do you monitor your children's electronic communications?

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