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Monday, 29 April 2013

Kawartha Lakes Watermain Flushing May Affect Your Water!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Are You Prepared for Spring Flushing?

May 1st to June 11th 2013, Kawartha Lakes water pressure and water clarity may be affected during spring flushing of the watermains, which clears the pipes of build up. How will you prepare?
We will be setting some water aside for drinking and flushing toilets during the time our watermain section is being flushed, and do laundry and showering in the early morning, evening or weekends. If your water becomes cloudy or discoloured, clear your water lines, by letting your cold water tap run until the water flows clear. The City recommends checking drinking, cooking and laundry water before using it. Hmm.. perhaps it would be a good idea to put off flushing the hot water tank until after the watermain flushing is finished too.

Kawartha Lakes Watermain Spring 2013 Flushing Schedule

image City of Kawartha Lakes logo Catch the Kawartha Spirit The schedule for Monday to Friday, watermain flushing posted by City of Kawartha Lakes may change, but is currently is as follows:

  • Bobcaygeon- May 1 – 31 
  • Kinmount- May 1 – 10 
  • Norland- May 1 – 10 
  • Southview May 1 – 10 
  • Manorview- May 09 
  • Fenelon Falls- May 13 – 16 
  • Pinewood- May 14 
  • Janetville- May 16 
  • Woodville- May 21 – 31 
  • Canadiana Shores- May 22 
  • Pleasant Point- May 28 
  • Mariposa Estates- May 30 
  • Omemee- June 04 
  • Kings Bay- June 06 
  • Victoria Place- June 11 
Wow! Bobcaygeon lines must be really plugged! The Ontario Clean Water folks will be working there all through May to get those lines cleared! How does your family cope with the spring flush?

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