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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wonder Woman Ultimate Feminist Icon [DVD Review Ad]

Truth Telling Time - Do You Remember Wonder Woman?

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Quote: Wonder Woman: Women are the wave of the future, and sisterhood is stronger than anything!
Wonder Woman Season Three DVD Set from  Mommy Bear Media super-packed with added value, holds an excellent tool for empowering young women.
With cyberbullying on the rise, Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso of Truth certainly could be useful sorting out 'truths' from bullying lies. Truth -Amazon Wonder Woman uses her golden Lasso fighting crime through truth. Truth - Wonder Woman's undervalued essential weapon.

Wonder Woman: Ultimate Feminist Icon Highlights

Wonder Woman Season 3  includes Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Feminist Icon Documentary plus a Commentary by Lynda Carter on 'My Teenage Idol Is Missing' and for a limited time  a Bonus DVD Featuring a Season 1 Episode of SHAZAM! 
Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Feminist Icon Documentary is a real treasure to watch with your daughter  then rewatch Wonder Woman Season 3 spotting what the documentary highlights. The documentary includes interviews with young girls sharing their empowerment through Wonder Woman plus:
  • Gloria Steinem : Ms. Magazine 'Wonder Woman for President' cover 
  • Lynda Carter: Physically portraying a strong female hero in 1975-79 series.
  • Gail Simone:  Longest-running Wonder Woman comic book female writer
  • Bikini Kill punk singer Kathleen Hanna : Empowered girls and "grrls" 
Lynda Carter interviewed on Australian Television revealed how how both women and men enjoyed her portrayal of the character.

Where is Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth when you need it?
Young girls and women need empowering now, more than ever in this era of cyber-bullying. We need to sift truths from popular lies. joining together in a sisterhood.
Disclosure: Today at Mommy Bear Media Wonder Woman Season 3 is over 70% off, and there is free shipping! When you purchase it  through my link,  It will help pay for my internet and hydro  - and that's the truth! http://www.mommybearmedia.com/012569681415/Wonder+Woman%3A+The+Complete+Third+Season.htmlWonder Woman 

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