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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Human Trafficking Awareness Broadcast

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Join the Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking!

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Did you know children are being sold in Canada every day? Saturday, February 15, 2-4 p.m. EST, tune into the Authors on the Air on the Air Global Radio Network when they present A Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking.in partnership with UniteWomen.org. What is this broadcast about? Here are the details adapted from the Facebook event.:

The term “Human Trafficking” often evokes images of the well-publicized sex trade of women and girls from (and within) Southeast Asia and other countries around the world. But few are aware that there is a growing human trafficking problem right here in North America. The average age of the girls being sold in the sex trade in America is 12 – and who they are might surprise you! Children are being bought and sold in our own neighbourhoods, often by our trusted neighbours.
See: Canada US Embassy Report on Human Trafficking http://adf.ly/4009826/ca-us-embassy-trafficking-report
Human trafficking is rapidly becoming North America's most profitable underground industry. This $32 billion "industry" enslaves more than 300,000 underage girls (and boys) each year selling them into forced prostitution. Drugs, weapons and other contraband are sold once, for a one time profit. Humans can be sold again and again for their bodies to be used and abused – both for sex and for labor. There is an epidemic of modern-day slavery happening right under our noses, and most people are completely unaware of its existence!
 UniteWomen.org, a nonprofit advocacy organization, and Authors on the Air, a global radio network with more than a million listeners worldwide, are partnering to host A Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking. Both UniteWomen.org and Authors on the Air take human rights issues very seriously, and we feel it is important to share these hard-hitting stories about the human rights violations happening around the world – and in our own back yards.
 In September, 2012, Authors on the Air broadcasted A Global Conversation on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, hosted by network producer Pam Stack, with many panelists from UniteWomen.org. The panel assembled for A Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking will include prosecutors, law enforcement officers, legislators who have worked to enact laws to combat human trafficking, victim’s rights advocates and survivors of the sex trade – all of whom will share stories about the horrors they have witnessed and experienced.
This broadcast will shine a light on this topic that is usually kept in the shadows. We will explore how to identify the signs of human trafficking. Our experts will share common indicators of predators - and specifics on what all of us can do to help put an end to it. The panel will describe, in detail, the manner in which children are being lured into the sex trade - almost always initially with promises of love and commitment.
An astounding number of our little girls (and boys) are being forced into prostitution, a violent form of slavery, either under false pretenses. Shortly thereafter, the terror begins. The host of A Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking, Shannon Fisher, is the Director of Unite Against Rape for UniteWomen.org. She has enlisted the help of celebrities and notable legislators to help spread awareness of the epidemic of rape in our society today. A fervent activist for women’s rights, Shannon is a noted civic leader who has worked in the fields of public and community relations for nearly twenty years.
We invite everyone to tune in to the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network from 2-4 p.m. EST on Saturday, February 15 for A Global Conversation on Human and Sex Trafficking. We also invite you to call in with questions for our panelists. To listen, go to http://adf.ly/4009826/human-trafficking-podcast  at the time of the broadcast. A number to call in will be posted.

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