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Sunday, 23 February 2014

@KawarthSecurity Offers Prize Supporting @PR_HSKL @CupcakeDayCA!

Kawartha Lakes Mums- You Could Win A Fantastic Security Prize!

Kawartha Lakes Security and Investigations is offering a fabulous prize to donors / fundraising members of the Kawartha Lakes Mums Cupcake Team supporting the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes! How can you enter to win? Simply either make a donation to the Kawartha Lakes Mums Cupcake Team supporting HSKL or join Kawartha Lakes Mums Cupcake team, and raise donations for HSKL!
The top donor / fundraiser will get 1st choice of prizes generously donated by sponsors, then the next, etc. All donors/sponsors of $1 or more will receive either a virtual personalized cupcake emailed to them or pop by and pick up your real cupcake!
Here are the details  of this fabulous from Nick at Kawartha Security and Investigations:

Kawartha Security and Investigations is willing to put prize into your account!

Prize: A Security and Risk Consultation; For Home or Business Valued at $100/ Hour
image Kawartha Security and Investigations Ominous shadow at night in front of large home with door open
Kawartha Security and Investigations -Your Security Partner
One of our highly trained experts will complete a consultation of the winners home or business for free. The purpose of a Security and Risk consultation is to show areas that need improvement within the property such as a shed doesn’t lock yet contains a high value of tools within it, or a Retail property that has not invested in a security Solution. With the consultation there is no obligation to buy it is merely to reveal the areas that need to be worked on. This a great way for homeowners to ensure that they do not fall victim to the rising property crimes in the area!

Nick Harris, at Kawartha Security and Investigations also sent out the Kawartha Lakes Mums Fundraising page to all Kawartha Security employees.
Do you have a prize to donate? email http://scr.im/KLMums

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