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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Are You an ExPat? Check Out This Free Expatriate Group! [Ad]

Kawartha Lakes Mums - Are You From Abroad?

FTC Disclosure: We are pleased to have ben chosen as an affiliate for InterNations. This helps us put food on our table at no extra cost to our readers. Being an affiliate does not affect our opinions in any way.  For more info please see our policies page.
Kawartha Lakes is home to many people from a number of different cultures. Expats In Canada may find www.internations.org useful, as well as snowbirds and people planning on studying or working abroad.
InterNations is free, and just may be exactly what you are looking for.

What is InterNations?

InterNations is the largest international online social network for expatriates with more than 1.3 Million members worldwide.  www.internations.org  offers expatriates a trusted network to find and get to know fellow expatriates at prestigious events and activities in their city of residence. InterNations also and provides a place to exchange and receive trustworthy information and insider tips on all expat-related topics. For civic minded expats, there are even a volunteer opportunities.
So how much does it cost?
Nada, zilch, nothing! InterNations is free to join!
InterNations Offers ExPats Community Connections
InterNations offers connections in a wide variety of cities around the world including:
There is even a group for Expats In Canada!

InterNations - My Experiences

When I lived in Germany as an exchange student, the opportunities to get together with other visiting students were treasured occasions to not only have fun together, but discuss culture shock and laugh together about funny misunderstandings that occurred. I wondered, what exactly does InterNatiions offer?

InterNations - Signing Up

 Curious to find out what InterNations is all about, I applied for membership in InterNations. Here is my experience so far. 
Membership in InterNations is free and exclusive. InterNations Membership is by invitation only, and based on your explanation of why you want to join, as well as you personal past international experiences.
InterNations Sign Up Tips
InterNations Sign Up: Page 1. Basic Info On the first page, you fill in your personal details including your birth place, along with its postal code ( ?) - that took some googling. You can upload a photo, but I would wait until receiving approval for your membership.  
InterNations Sign Up: Page 2 Destination Next, you need to indicate the Country and city you are interested in You can change this later, but pick a place you truly are interested in finding out more about. While it has been in my thoughts for some time to teach overseas once my children are grown, right now I'm curious to find out what InterNations is telling people about Canada. The closest city available to choose was Toronto.
InterNations Sign Up: Page 3 Interest On the next page, you click on pictures to indicate which types of activities interest you.  Be sure to click the box at the end of each row to discover more interests. This is how I found the no alcohol category. Categories are fairly broad. I was surprised by the amount of differentiation between types of summer sports, where as winter sports such as skiing, skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling etc. are all lumped together. Perhaps most current members are not in colder climates.
InterNations Sign Up: Confirmation After filling out your profile, you will receive a confirmation  by email - be sure to click this!  The confirmation lets them know it wasn't just me filling out profiles for everyone living in City of Kawartha Lakes. LOL
Then, the wait begins.... it can take a couple of days before you receive a response, as applications are approved on an individual basis. So... my application waits....

Kawartha Lakes ExPats - How Can We Help?

Are you an ExPat living in City of Kawartha Lakes? Would you like to be able to connect locally with other ExPats? Would you find it helpful for us to post an ExPats Album on Facebook? 
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We would love to hear from you!:
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  1. What are your experiences as an ExPat living in Canada?

    Having lived in Germany and visited several different countries, I have a collection of funny expat experiences as a Canadian abroad.

    Some of my funniest experiences involve "lost in translation"episodes.

    "Lost in translation" can even happen in the same language, but a different dialect.

    I remember being shocked when a young man in England asked:
    "Can I knock you up in the morning?"

    In Canada, we'd say:
    "Would you like me to knock on your door in the morning to wake you for breakfast?" :D

    What are some of your funny "lost in translation" experiences?

  2. This is a great way for people living in or visiting other countries to get together and now feel so alone and out of the loop. I would love to hear some of the stories!
    Lol, my niece lived in London for a few years and she was also telling me about how people there ask you if they want you to knock you up in the morning, as in wake you in the morning! :)

  3. Living here in Newfoundland we seem to have our own way of talking,and people visiting tend to have problems understanding us.....like one time one of our old timers says to the young man visiting ...how she going me old cock and the poor young man had no clue what he was talking about and looks around for help...


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