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Monday, 25 August 2014

Introducing Kawartha Lakes Mums Frugal Kitchen #Recipe Fun!

Kawartha Mums - Do You Have Frugal Recipes?

Kawartha Lakes Mums needs frugal kitchen recipes. Do you have a frugal recipe to share? You could have your recipe featured in a Kawartha Lakes Mums YouTube video or free eBook available exclusively on iTunes! Why would you want your recipe featured?
Read on to find out more!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Offers New Free Recipe Advertising Opportunities!

Most of us have a favourite frugal recipe or two stashed away in our cookbooks. Time to dust off your thrifty cooking recipe, and let it star in Kawartha Lakes Mums new features: Frugal Kitchen Fun TV  and Kawartha Lakes Mums Favourite Frugal Recipe Collection!

Recipe Fun - Why Take Part?

When you submit your recipes to Kawartha Lakes Mums recipe program, you will get a link to your site or YouTube channel, and we all know links are worth money! You retain your rights to your recipe and photo contribution, and with the free ebook, you also get 100 characters about your business.and up to 500 words in a story about your connection with the recipe. 
Why are we giving away free advertising and free e Cook books?  
We want to reward our readers with occasional useful perks for subscribing to our blogs, and writing an entire series of cook books on our own just seems an incredibly daunting task!
Recipe Fun - What Kinds of Recipes?

Kawartha Lakes Mums is all about family-friendly, so recipes should not include alcohol or anything else you could not feed to your whole family.  Unless the ingredients, are those you grow yourself, please make them generic. Your own family-friendly branding is also welcome in pictures, but it cannot have any other company's logos etc.
We are currently working on the following eCook Books:
  • Frugal Kitchen Fun
  • Beef
  • Coffee
  • Bacon 
Each Kawartha Lakes Mums Favourite Recipes Book will have the first edition published once we have 10 recipes. So hurry! Don't miss out!

Recipe Fun - YouTube ?

Here is the YouTube ad for the new recipe - a 33 second spot which airs on other YouTube Channels. We left out a "Mystery Ingredient" to bring  viewers to the full Recipe video.
 This ad leads to the full Kawartha Lakes Mums Frugal Fun Recipe showing the "Mystery ingredient" and encouraging people to subscribe to your channel and Kawartha Lakes Mums Channel.

Recipe Fun - Are You Ready?

Simply send your recipe, and pictures or video clips of the steps in your recipes to http://scr.im/klmums with Recipe in the subject line.

What is your favourite recipe?
Drop us a comment, or connect with us in one of these ways. We would love to hear from you!
Thanks for Reading Kawartha Lakes Mums! Be sure to  Subscribe to Kawartha Lakes Mums you never know what we'll be blogging next!
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