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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Could These Free Printable Halloween Anti-Bullying Posters Help Kids Live Longer?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Readers - Will You Help Battle Bullying? 

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His Name Was Steven makes Free printable Anti-bullying Halloween posters available for Canada and other countries. If my teen had access to a poster like this, it might have helped her, before she started her suicide attempts.   We need to arm kids with as many tools as possible to help protect them from bullying. This post has links to the free posters as well as services I wish I known about before.  What kind of services?
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Glad you asked!

Anti Bullying Tools I Wish We'd Had 

MetLife Defender - Cyber Bullying Protection

Cyber Bullying Protection - Child Exploitation Protection
MetLife Defender protects kids from cyber bullying and potential exploitation. It also protects your whole family from identity theft. Right now, MetLife Defender has a FREE 30 Day trial to see how MetLife Defender can help your family.
In Ontario, over 100 people were recently arrested in a child porn ring. While I don't know for sure if my daughter was a victim, I do know that just before her first suicide attempt, the "step-father" of her friend sent her an odd Facebook message. "Heyyyyy.." When I scrolled back through her Facebook messages looking for clues, I found a number of cryptic messages from this man including one that said , "Do you have a web cam?" and another one later saying,"I can see you." I was shocked to find out these messages had been sent to her for almost a year. Who is messaging you child online?

StickNFind - Child Tracking Sticker

Ever had your child disappear in a public place? For most of us it was a terrifying few minutes, unfortunately, for many others, their child never returned.
StickNFind lets you know where the people and things you care most about are, from just about anywhere in the world.
 Tracking Sticker Keep Loved Ones Close
Protect zYour Family StickNFind Tracking Sticker 
StickNFind trackers look to be easy to use and perfect for Vehicles, Kids, Luggage and equipment. Basically, anything or anyone that could get lost, wander off, or be stolen can be tracked with StickNFind. You can log in on your computer or use the Free easy to use APP to track your StickNFind Tracker. Who uses StickNFind? Many people use StickNFind to track their keys, vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, watercraft), teen drivers, children, luggage and more! StickNFind Trackers are currently available for as little as $12.50 when you buy 4.

Child Guardians - Emergency Missing Children's Kit at Your Fingertips

 Earlier this year my teen went missing for two weeks. One minute she was in hospital, the next - no one knew where she'd gone. When asked to give a description, my mind went blank. It may be reassuring to know this is a common reaction when your child goes missing,  but precious time could have been saved if I'd had my daughter registered with Child Guardians.
With Child Guardians, you simply give police the code to your your child's file. When the police access your child's file , they have all the necessary information to help find your child, including ready-to-print missing posters accessible from anywhere in the world. Child Guardians is currently offering a coupon code to save $10 off the Registration of your first child and $15 off additional children to the maximum of 9 children.  USE Coupon Code 2guardians at check out and receive: $10.00 off the first child registration and $15.00 off any additional children (up to 9 more)! 

Child Guardians Every Child Should Be Protected

Free Anti Bullying Posters for Halloween

Dec 5 2006, 13 year old son Steven Urry hung himself in his bedroom closet. Bullies had tormented him for months, and even set him on fire in a bathroom, then posted a video of them tormenting him on the internet. Steven's mom found him when she went to tell him to wash up for dinner. The police picked his dad up at work and took him to the hospital.
Steven had lots of friends before Junior High school. He had been a happy kid. Steven's parents, Mike and Pam Urry, had complained to the school, the school board, and even filed complaints with the police about the bullying. About a week before Steven died, he himself had given his statement to the police.  The Crown Attorney refused to lay any charges, and the school board just moved the offenders to another school. Steven's parents were about to take him out of school when he died.
Each year on Halloween, the volunteer foundation formed in response to Steven's death, posts free Anti bullying posters for people to share in their workplace, download, print out and give to trick or treaters, in the hopes that the information, may help  save at least one other child's life.
Free Printable Halloween Posters May Save Trick or Treaters from Bullies
Since I work online, I'm sharing these posters on as many of my blogs as possible. Will you share this anti bullying campaign too?  The free Anti-bullying Halloween posters have up to date contact information  and are available for several different countries including Canada, USA, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand.
See the free printable anti-bullying posters at His Name Was Steven and find out how you can get involved in helping to end bullying.
Free Printable Anti- Bullying Halloween Posters at His Name Was Steven.

My daughter remains on suicide watch in a treatment facility. Your prayers are appreciated.
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