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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mayor Shares Kawartha Lakes Snow Removal Challenge!

Kawartha Lakes Area Poses Huge Snow Removal Challenge!

City of Kawartha Lakes Snow removal team faces a huge challenge each time it snows, and even more so when snow falls continuously as it has for the last while. Mayor Andy Letham shares some of the challenges our snow removal team faces in this post, and asks residents and visitors to find some way to say thanks to the crew who are working hard to keep us on the move.
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image Kawartha Lakes Snow Plowing Challenge image showing snowy suburban street
Kawartha Lakes Snow Plowing Challenge
What thank you gift might you recommend for snow crew members?
Here is the press release from Mayor Andy Letham.

KAWARTHA LAKES – The City of Kawartha Lakes is one of the largest geographic municipalities in Ontario with more than 2,900 kilometers of roads.
Our winter roads crews, snowplow operators, sanders, salters and contractors have been working non-stop to clear the roads and make them safe for motorists in Kawartha Lakes.
To put it in perspective, Lindsay to Orlando, Florida is about 2,200 kilometers. So snow clearing for every winter event in Kawartha Lakes is like driving considerably further than Lindsay to Florida every time it snows.
image map Norland Kawartha Lakes to Orlando Florida illustrating Kawartha Lakes Snowplowing challenges
Kawartha Lakes Snowplowing 2,900 km
Our staff are skilled, dedicated and extremely hard working and don’t receive nearly the appreciation or thanks they deserve for the work they do.
When you see one of our snow plow operators, sanders, salters, or contractors please give them a wave and smile, buy them a cup of coffee, say thanks.
Starbucks Canada
They will certainly appreciate it and they definitely deserve it.
Kawartha Lakes Mayor Andy Letham
Kawartha Lakes Mayor,
 Andy Letham

What would you give a member of our snowplow team??
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