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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Our Wind Mobile Nightmare - What's Your Telephone Company Horror Story?

Wind Mobile Bargain Cost Us Thousands! 

An open letter to the Better Business Bureau regarding our Wind Mobile Experience. Have you ever tried to save a few extra dollars and had it cost you thousands? This post contains our Wind Mobile horror story.
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Do you have a telephone company horror story too?
Was your phone company experience like ours?

Why We Wish We never Switched to Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile telephone services are enjoyed by many people, however our experiences have been less than stellar, actually it has been so horrible, you might be able to write a sitcom episode based around our Wind Mobile experiences.


 It all started this spring when we thought we'd try to save some money by switching my DD's Oshawa phone plan to another phone company. Wind Mobile seemed to be the most economical phone company for my daughter's needs - only $25 per month for unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, free voice mail too! Sounds great - right?
The Customer Representative at Wind Mobile assured me that yes, her current phone could be used on the Wind Mobile phone network, so I paid $50 to have it freed from its network. However, when I returned to the store, the representative was unable to add the Wind Mobile network to the phone!
"Look on the bright side," he cheerfully informed me adding."Now you can use the phone with any mobile provider that you choose!" 
Arrgh! Well, THAT was an expensive mistake!
After much negotiation, the Customer Service Representative accepted that this was his error, and offered me a free flip phone, so at least my DD would have a phone she could use.
Have you ever tried to tell a teen that a flip phone was better to use than their Samsung Galaxy?
We then discovered the charging door on the flip phone was broken, and the phone had water damage.
My DD also made another surprising discovery.
"Hey mum! Who are these people in these photos? Hmm.. that's funny we don't know any of these and who are these people in the contacts list?
The CSR had given us his own personal phone! This was a surprise!


Until I received a phone to use from work, I used the flip phone. - paying an extra $5 to $10 for out of area credits. Wind Mobile coverage in my daughter's area is SUPPOSED to be free however, I kept getting a network not available message in many parts of Oshawa, so not only did I have to pay extra to have coverage outside their area, but also only 3 blocks from their Wind Mobile store at the Oshawa Centre!
So now I was paying more money than I had with the previous company! 


Do you turn your phone off to save its battery sometimes?
Since we had problems charging the phone, we turned the phone off to save the battery and my DD downloaded Talk-a-Tone to her old phone and used it for free calling and texts on wifi.
Oh, well, at least we had voice mail.
We received a registered letter from a lawyer stating they had tried repeatedly to call the number and couldn't reach us, so they were cancelling our appeal.
Apparently, whenever the phone was turned off, people would receive a one of the following results:

  • Message 1 - The number you have dialled is not in service please check your number and try again. 
  • Message 2 - You have dialled an unassigned number please check your number and try again. 
  • OR Three beeps and a click 
My daughter had applied to the Summer Company for a business grant. This is the message the Summer Company received as well.
Cost? $3.000 in grant money.
We couldn't understand why the storage company had not returned any of our phone calls either. Our storage unit had received the same results too - ALL our belongings were sold!


Our nightmare with trying to get their tech support to fix our voicemail to work properly then started. This included:

  • Over 1 1/2 hours on hold.
  • Cancelling our repair request because they did not call us at the contact number they emailed us to say they could not reach us or leave us a message AT THE MALFUNCTIONING NUMBER.
  • Being sent to swap the SIM card at the dealer - I could not even hear the person trying to talk to me on their phone due to the amount of talking going on between the CSR's in the store - I was the only customer. 
  • Being told the issue was being sent to the next level and I would receive a call in 3 days about the status of our problem Not receiving any call about the status.
  • Being told they would have it fixed in 10 business days. September 3rd the voice mail still did not work when the phone was turned off or the battery was dead. 
I called Wind Mobile and the CSR I reached, said they have no idea when my voice mail will be repaired, but a supervisor would call me back within 3 hours.
TEN DAYS have passed!
Still no call from the supervisor nor is our voice mail repaired.
Will our Wind Mobile voicemail ever function properly?
I'd give you our phone number, but there's no sense in doing that - you wouldn't be able to leave us a voice mail message anyway!
What is your telephone horror story?
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1 comment:

  1. Update: Wind mobile called us yesterday,and left a message saying the problem had been resolved.
    We promptly checked to see if this was true - NOPE!
    We then called Wind Mobile back.
    The CSR insisted the problem had been resolved.
    "No it has not been resolved, please call the phone now that we have the phone turned off."
    The CSR called the number then apologized saying they were going to put us through to a higher level of technical support.
    A few minutes later the same CSR returned to the line,
    "The problem will be fixed again in 5 to 10 business days." he cheerfully informed me.
    "That's what I was told months ago!" I stated, adding "And I'm still waiting for the phone call from the supervisor who was to call me back in 3 hours time on September 3rd.
    "They called you back," the CSR responded.
    "No I did not receive a call back, my phone records all calls." I replied.
    "How would you know if they called if the phone is not working properly?" the CSR replied.
    "Because the phone they were to call me back on is NOT a Wind mobile number."
    "I would also like to know why I am never contacted about doing a customer service survey although I press 1 each time." I fumed adding, I have posted about the terrible customer service I've experience on one of my blogs and I will continue sharing it and posting it until I receive a satisfactory result."
    Then I added,"I realize this is not your fault, but I would highly recommend finding a different company to work for if it is at all possible."


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