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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Best Kept Freebie Secret -Get Free Appliances!

Kawartha Lakes Mums Asks: Need New Appliances? Try This Freebie!

Fridge frizzling.
Freezer frosting up?
AC clunking?
Dehumidifier droning?
You could qualify for free new appliances and light bulbs too!
What? Is this some kind of a joke?
We have helped several Ontario seniors get new free energy saving replacement appliances through this fantastic free program.
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How do you get new free appliances?

Here's how our family is getting a new refrigerator and new freezer.

Ontario Low Income Families Get Free Appliances! 

Free appliances?
Your local hydro company and the IESO (Independent Electricity Systems Operator) have joined together under the HOME ASSISTANCE program to help Ontario homeowners and tenants make their homes more energy efficient. The HOME ASSISTANCE Program (HAP) provides income-eligible homeowners, residents and tenants with free energy upgrades in their home. HAP helps homeowners reduce their energy bills by replacing old and inefficient equipment with new equipment that uses less electricity. The upgrades are free and GreenSaver provides the installation at no cost to you.

What kind of energy savers could you get free?

Free Energy Efficient Appliances

 Free upgrades could include:

  •  Energy-saving light bulbs 
  • ENERGY STAR® refrigerators 
  • ENERGY STAR® freezers, 
  • dehumidifiers, 
  • window air-conditioners 
  • Home insulation and draft proofing 
  • Low-flow showerheads 
  • Programmable thermostats
  •  Powerbars 
  • Faucet aerators 

Who Qualifies for Free Appliances? 

Have you received one of the following for the past 12 months?

  •  National Child Benefit Supplement 
  • Allowance for the Survivor 
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement 
  • Allowance for Seniors 
  • Ontario Works 
  • Ontario Disability Support Program 
  • Ontario Electricity Support Program 
  • Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program 
  • Natural Gas (DSM) Low-Income Program 
  • Utility Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) 
Well, you still may qualify if the combined after tax income of all household members 18 and over is the same or less than one of the following:
 People living in home   - Household Income

  • 1person $19,460 
  • 2 persons $27,521 
  • 3 persons $33,706 
  • 4 persons $38,920 
  • 5 persons $43,514 
  • 6 persons $47,667 
  • 7 or more persons $51,486 
 If you have old appliances sucking  hydro up like it is free spaghetti, you may be eligible for new energy saving appliances through this program.
Let's face it, if you are low income you probably don't have the latest and greatest appliances.

How Does the GreenSaver Home Comfort Program Work? 

First, you either contact Green Saver or a United Way credit counselling agency to help fill out the paper work.
You will need proof of your income.
After a few days, a service provider will call you to set up your home consult.
The consultant does a home assessment.
They will count the number of lamps in your home and see how well your appliances are running. When they are at your home, they may also give you items like light bulbs so you can start saving electricity right away.
You will sign for what they give you, and in about a week, you will be contacted with the results of the assessment, and you will be told which free appliances you will be receiving.
The refrigerator and freezer we are receiving are about the same size as our current appliances - actually maybe even a smidge bigger!
Don't just take our word for it -give them a call and please say Kawartha Lakes Mums sent you.
Even if you're not sure if you qualify, give them a call.
Even the number is toll Free!
Call 1 (888) 855-3106
Start saving more electricity today!
 What fabulous freebies have you heard about?
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