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Monday, 21 November 2016

Kawartha Lakes Mums Top 10 Posts - November 13-20 2016 [Stats]

Kawartha Lakes Families Wondering What People Read on Kawartha Lakes Mums November 13 -20th?

Kawartha Lakes Mums Desktop subscribers can easily check the Top Ten posts widget on our blog. However, the many fancy widgets in our side bar do not show on mobile, so this listicle may fulfill your curiosity about what people read most often last week on Kawartha Lakes Mums.
The Top article read last week was from waaayy back in 2012!
What was it?
A post about writing Santa!

I guess you could say Santa delivers!
Wondering how the top articles on Kawartha Lakes Mums are determined? Our blog is set up to count how many views an article receives. If you have a favourite post on Kawartha Lakes Mums, you can help get it into our top ten chart by commenting on it, and sharing it with all your friends and asking them to post a comment too!
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Which articles did most people read last week?

Some of these posts definitely surprised us!

Top 10 Kawartha Lakes Mums Posts November 13-20, 2016 PLUS Editor Picks!

Which posts are your favourite posts from our archives? Here are the top 10 posts that were viewed on our blog last week along with a few that you may want to know about,
Number one really surprised us, as did number nine. The other posts people are reading are much more recent.
We were surprised more people weren't reading about the November #ShoesDay Giveaway or The Kawartha Lakes School Bus Cancellations.

Since people were reading some ancient posts, we double checked them and we posted a fresh new shiny version of our top post.

Which Kawartha Lakes Mums posts are your favourites? Share them with your friends! Boost them into first place!
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